Beatriz Milhazes: an artist who inspires me


There was a time in my life where I felt that if my art was overly feminine, my work would not be taken seriously.  I am over that now.  And artists like Beatriz Milhazes inspire me to embrace the frilly little girl princess inside of me (who loves to wear long flowing dresses) and invite her to make dreamy, rich, colorful, flowing art (similar to the flowing dresses).

Yogurt, 2008
Mixed media collage on paper
73 X 55 1/2 inches 

While I wouldn’t necessarily call Milhazes art “flowing”, I would call it colorful, layered, and explosive yet static.  You can view more of her work at the James Cohan Gallery website.

In some of the work that I have studied, Milhazes uses a process whereby she paints her floral images on a paper that has a sticky back and later composes the flowers onto a large-scale canvas.  She is effectively mixing several different styles of art making—which further inspires me to play and experiment more in my own creative process.

More than anything this work inspires me to do what I love, and love what I do.   


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