Artist Statement, The Listening Project


The Listening Project paintings will be on display at The Turtle Restaurant in Brownwood, TX during the months of August and September of this year.  The following is my artist statement for the show... I hope it peaks your interest! 

Emily Jean Stewart

 My work hinges on the everyday.  I often find myself caught up in notions of the future, or toiling in thought over that which I lack.  Learning to be present, living in the moment, is what I aspire to.  I know that miracles are all around just waiting to be heard, waiting to be seen, waiting to be touch, and even smelled.  I desire to know more about each moment, and specifically more about my connection with other humans in those moments.

I wanted to find a way to incorporate a human connection into my creative process.  I asked, how can I invite others to join me as I paint?  The Listening project was born of this question.  Knowing that all people have a story to tell, I simply decided to issue an open invitation to listen.  Individuals volunteered to share important stories from his or her past allowing me to listen and interpret what I heard into a mishmash of metaphorical and representational compositions.  I attempted to capture the mood and theme of each story through color and texture.   

In my previous life I was an art educator in a public school.  There I learned that one of the deepest human needs is to be heard, to be understood.  I believe that this series of paintings helps satisfy that need for those who choose to be involved.  Our stories are the threads that connect us in our raw humanness.  If we shut these stories away, it is my belief that we rob the world of healing and compassion.  I present my interpretation of these stories to you in visual form, hoping that in some way, you might connect with the stories, and also reflect on the power of your story.  I compel you to share your truth and change the world.  


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