The opportunities that present themselves in life never cease to amaze me.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a small group gathering of a church we attend every now and then in Tupelo, MS where we live.  The church is called Origins and the Pastor, Jason McAnally, attended the… read more.

Just a quick post to show off the pics I took at the Oxford, Mississippi "Makers Market" we went to last weekend.  It was a great way to kick off our new life in northern Mississippi, and we'll be returning the first weekend in October for the next one!     My amazing husband working… read more.

I am convinced it is adventure and new experience that keep the spirit young.  Thus, it is with a delightful heart that I look forward to participating in the Marker’s Market at the courthouse lawn in Oxford, Mississippi.  This Saturday we will load up a bunch of paintings, in the wee… read more.

      This past Friday I spent time with some amazing female friends at a church in Lubbock, TX.  I was invited to do a performance painting for a women’s retreat.  My audience was comprised of more than one hundred beautiful, gorgeous, and talented women. … read more.

  The Support of Great Friends We were pretty much iced-in all week here in Central Texas.  It seems it's rare for the temperature to dip blow freezing, and so when it does the place is completely thrown for a loop.  Life as I know it was basically shut down, and I stayed in the house… read more.

I grew up in New Mexico, and while I’ve lived in Texas for several years now I’ll always be a New Mexican at heart.  Why don’t I move back, you ask?  Well, to be honest the weather is too darn dry and I feel like the lack of moisture in the air is sucking the ever-living… read more.

I was honored to be a part of the Dia de Los Muertos celebration at the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, TX earlier this month.  Several artists were selected to construct installation artworks (similar to a giant 3D collage, only it's not glued together) to honor individuals who have died.     Altares… read more.

On October 3rd the lovely Turtle Restaurant in Brownwood, TX hosted an opening reception for my show called The Listening Project .  My photographer friend, Paul Norman, took some great pictures of the evening!     Patrons viewing 'Jenny.'     The turtle is a very… read more.

The Listening Project paintings will be on display at The Turtle Restaurant in Brownwood, TX during the months of August and September of this year.  The following is my artist statement for the show... I hope it peaks your interest!    Emily Jean Stewart The Listening Project  My… read more.

As an artist, I’d say the definition of my job is to ‘think outside the box.’  I am challenged to do so when I try things I’ve never done before.  When I was in Shell, Ecuador I was given the opportunity to do just that.  For those of you out there who don’t… read more.