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Leaves on the Tree


Art Chicas Unidas was a great experience, and as I reflect on it revelations come to mind.  Tonight I photographed 'leaves from the tree' otherwise known as pieces of paper with personal reflection through drawing and writing, on them.  The papers were added to the branches of the installation… read more.

Art Chicas Video


La Reunion TX: Art Chicas Unidas from Cindy Chaffin on Vimeo… read more.

I write, also


In preperation for the Art Chica's installation I wrote the following poem, which actually became part of the piece.  Enjoy.   Land Speak Where pathways lead A place of fulfillment or need Step step step with eyes open wide Fear nipping at the heals, react to persuasion and hide Embrace… read more.

If you’re not in the habit of seeking out new experiences I want to take a moment to encourage you to do so!  Nerve racking?  Yes.  Worth it?  Completely.  For me, Art Chicas Unidas 2009 has been just that.  I was excited to be chosen for the program, but completely… read more.

The time is near. This Saturday I'll work with several high school girls (apprentices, if you will) to create a sculpture on site at La Reunion in Oak Cliff.  In an effort to prepare creatively for the workshop I put together a photo shoot utilizing elements from this conceptual sketch.    A… read more.